Help line mangers to avoid breaking UK law on hours of work

ClockLine managers working to a project deadline may be relieved to have a team willing to muck in and put in some extra hours. However, the line manager may be oblivious to the strict rules that limit hours of work. There can be severe consequences for breaching the rules that impose a 48-hour limit on weekly working hours, including criminal and employment tribunal proceedings.

Our line manager briefing on hours of work provides an easy-to-use guide on the topic of hours of work specifically written for line managers. It covers the 48-hour limit on weekly working hours and opting out of the 48-hour week. To assist HR with the training process for what might be a somewhat dry subject, the briefing includes handy dos and don’ts, examples, checklists and questions that enable managers to test their knowledge on the subject. It is also accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation, to make training a group of managers that bit easier.

In addition to the rules on working hours, line managers need to be aware of the human risks of overworking, including fatigue, work-life balance and stress. This guide lists the signs that managers should look out for to spot overworking, and provides a step-by-step process for dealing with overworking.


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