Recruitment metrics: Take part in the 2013 XpertHR survey to receive latest cost per hire data

XHRCostPerHire2012What is the average cost per hire at your organisation? How does your organisation compare with other UK employers when it comes to time to hire? Please take part in the 2013 XpertHR Benchmarking survey of key recruitment metrics.

By completing the survey, you will gain access to latest interactive benchmarking data on key recruitment metrics in 2013.

Median cost per hire was £1,500 in 2012
Last year, XpertHR found that across the whole economy, the median cost of filling a single vacancy stood at £1,500 (see chart). A breakdown by sector revealeperhaps reflecting the impact of spending cuts on levels of recruitment activity in the public sector.

Key recruitment metrics 2013: Take part in the XpertHR Benchmarking survey
The XpertHR benchmarking survey of key recruitment metrics looks at benchmarking data on time to hire and cost per hire,  and consists of only seven short questions.

Everybody taking part in this short, confidential survey will receive:

  • a free copy of the summary report on the key findings of this survey (as soon as it is published); and
  • a complimentary copy of the 2013 XpertHR report on digital recruitment (as soon as you have completed the survey).

The survey closes in early July 2013. Your participation would be greatly appreciated.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries about the survey. Leave a comment, or get in touch via Twitter, Linkedin or Google+.

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