Top 10 UK HR questions – June 2013

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June’s  top 10 XpertHR FAQs for UK employers feature a number of questions on dealing with employees who are pregnant or on maternity leave during a redundancy exercise. The perplexing question of notice pay for employees who have been absent on sick leave is also covered.

And with changes to the legislation on whistleblowing being brought into force on 25 June, under the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013, some HR professionals were looking to remind themselves about the basics on public interest disclosures.

  1. What is a public interest disclosure?
  2. Where an employee who has exhausted all entitlement to sick pay is to be dismissed on grounds of ill health will he or she be entitled to any payment throughout his or her notice period?
  3. Where a redundancy will take effect before a woman goes on maternity leave is she entitled to preferential treatment with regard to being offered suitable alternative employment?
  4. Should employers allow employees to use e-cigarettes in the workplace?
  5. If a pregnant employee is made redundant before commencing maternity leave can her employer pay her statutory maternity pay in one lump sum?
  6. Will the courts always enforce restrictive covenants?
  7. If an employer dismisses a pregnant employee as redundant is she still entitled to receive maternity pay?
  8. Where an annual pay rise coincides with an employee’s maternity leave will this affect her maternity pay?
  9. Can the transferee change the contracts of the incoming employees following a TUPE transfer, to harmonise them with those of its existing employees?
  10. What information must the employer disclose prior to redundancy consultations?

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