Best of the HR Blogs September 2013: 18 great HR blog posts from September 2013

SteppingStonesHere’s my pick of the very best posts from the world of HR blogs in September 2013. A number of crucial topics are covered by the posts highlighted here, including: the troubling question of how inclusive the HR profession really is when it comes to disabled people; that HR-slamming Telegraph article; and who might stand victorious when it’s HR versus robots.

Best of the HR blogs: What are your favourites?
I’d love to know what your favourite posts from the world of #HRblogs have been in September 2013. Please do get in touch and share your recommendations!

Best of the HR blogs September 2013: 18 great HR blog posts from September 2013

As usual, these are listed in alphabetical order by author surname.

  • Sandrine Bardot: Unemployed – From Europe To The Arab World, A Personal Story
    A very interesting post from “very French” blogger Sandrine, here. Sandrine presents a fascinating and highly personal overview of how “the social toll” of unemployment and perceptions of the unemployed have changed over the past two decades. She arrives at a positive, thought-provoking conclusion, arguing that “out of all the chaos and social burden” of recent economic upheavals, “one small positive thing has emerged.” Please read Sandrine’s post to find out just what this silver lining is! Follow Sandrine on Twitter.
  • Steve Browne: Spread The Word !!
    “The more we share, the stronger we become.” Amen to that. Follow Steve on Twitter.
  • Alison Chisnell: Comment on Deny Everything! HR Responds To Criticism
    I presume everyone reading this has also read the Telegraph article slamming the HR profession in light of the controversy surrounding BBC HRD Lucy Adams? In this magisterial comment (on a similarly great post from Neil Morrison), Alison gives her clear-eyed response to the Telegraph piece and to the CIPD’s Twitter reactions. Bearing in mind what Alison says on the latter, I think it’s interesting to contrast the CIPD’s  Twitter reaction to the Telegraph article from the official @CIPD account with the much more measured response to the Lucy Adams situation set out by new CIPD Deputy Chief Executive Susannah Clements in her debut blog post (the section on Adams’ “trial by media” begins in the fifth paragraph). What’s your take on the Telegraph article? Please get in touch and let me know. Follow Alison on Twitter.
  • Christopher De Mers: Choice and Gemma Reucroft: Courage
    Serendipity. There’s so much of it about in the world of social HR. By coincidence, these two posts were published on the same day by bloggers on either side of the Atlantic. Each post complements the other perfectly, dealing as they do with the choices we make and the courage we need to see them through. Follow Christopher on Twitter. Follow Gemma on Twitter.
  • Melissa Fairman: Looking For Work? What I See and Sabrina Baker: Where Are All The HR Jobs?
    What’s happening to the stepping stone jobs? And what’s happening to the HR jobs? I’ve grouped these two posts together as each takes a sobering look at the state of the US jobs market. Melissa looks at the trend for US employers to use temps purely as a cost-cutting measure, even when they “can definitely afford to increase headcount,” and what this means for “jobs [which] were considered good stepping stones.” Sabrina considers the tendency of US employers to make cuts to HR during economic hard times. But, “as things start to turn around and companies have money again to invest back into the business, HR is not the place they start. Ever. Ever, ever.” What’s your view? Is there any chance of the jobs market getting back to what we knew before? Or have things changed forever? Follow Melissa on Twitter. Follow Sabrina on Twitter.
  • Jay Kuhns: Can’t
    Jay gets straight to the point, here. And he’s right, too! Follow Jay on Twitter.
  • Sarah Miller: HR Is A Luxury Item
    Is HR “a luxury, something only affordable to big business”? And if you come up against this perception of HR, what’s the best way to demonstrate “the differentiation between an HR professional and an outstanding HR Godsend”? The concepts explored in this post are fascinating. How they are expressed is beautifully economical. Sarah’s also generously included a great visualisation of how perceptions of HR work within this debate. So where do you stand? Follow Sarah on Twitter.
  • Shauna Moerke: HR Doesn’t Do
    Why is management so often keen to pass the blame for their less popular decisions onto HR? Why, indeed, is HR such “a natural target” for such blame? And where does the blame for such perceptions of HR really lie? Shauna asks and answers each of these questions in a very direct manner. She also invites you to share a cookie with HR. I’m in! Follow Shauna on Twitter.
  • Tim Scott: Lost Where I Belong
    Having done most of my growing up in Milton Keynes, Tim’s metaphor for the feeling of disorientation and dislocation you feel when starting a new job (“for a while at least, you are like me in Milton Keynes”) rings especially true for me. Tim asks a very worthwhile question here – what does your organisation’s induction process do to counter “the feeling of complete desperation that accompanies being comprehensively lost with no point of reference to get back on track”? Follow Tim on Twitter.
  • Michael Scutt: Mind Your Language!
    “With the greatest respect…” What does this phrase mean to you? How you interpret it might just come down to whether or not you’re a Brit, as this hugely entertaining (and potentially rather instructive) post points out. Providing extra value for money, Mr Scutt moves on to those business buzzwords that can make your working day a misery…and I’m delighted to report, takes up my idea of campaigning against them! Follow Michael on Twitter.
  • Karen Teago: #HRBath – Social Media in HR live Twitter Chat
    This is such a great idea! Karen’s Storify story presents the highlights of a fantastic Twitter debate on HR and social media, which took place simultaneously with a real-life session for HR alumni of the University of Bath earlier this month. And for more on #HRbath, see: HR Bath – Who Wants To Jump In? Follow Karen on Twitter.
  • Perry Timms: #PunkHR – HR People Getting Technology/Digital Is Not Radical It’s FUNDAMENTAL 
    HR departments that absolve themselves from interest in and responsibility for IT/ technology/ social media as it affects their organisation? “NOT GOOD ENOUGH.” This must be one of the most passionately-argued HR blog posts of the year. Perry’s conclusion is wonderful: “RIP Analogue-only HR.” Follow Perry on Twitter.
  • Anne Tynan: All Being Equal
    “Does HR discriminate against the disabled?” Easily the most powerful and important post this month. And potentially the most uncomfortable. Anne argues that HR as a “profession clearly “regards disabled people (jobseekers, candidates and employees) as a ‘them and us’ situation.’” This is troubling, thought-provoking stuff. I urge everyone reading this to read Anne’s post in full, give it some serious thought, and act on your conclusions. Follow Anne on Twitter.
  • Jane Watson: The Robot Economy’s Less Obvious Dangers and Steve Boese: Please Tell The Robot Where You See Yourself In Five Years 
    Further serendipity. Two hugely entertaining posts published very close to one another on the very real trend towards robots replacing humans in a frankly worrying range of professions… including HR! Jane asks: “If the robots are coming, what will you do?” Follow Jane on Twitter.
  • Richard Westney: Testing Times
    Where do you stand on psychometric testing? Could it be the case, as Richard suggests in this remarkably detailed, in-depth post, that criticisms of psychometric testing are a case of “bad workmen always blaming their tools?” And as a bonus, Richard also generously shares his definition of what the term “HR academic” means in 2013: “a job probably as far removed from the reality of modern HR as you can get.” Follow Richard on Twitter.

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2 Responses to Best of the HR Blogs September 2013: 18 great HR blog posts from September 2013

  1. Sandrine Bardot 30 September 2013 at 2:13 pm #

    Thanks a lot for including me on this list of your preferred posts of the month :-)
    Being based in Dubai, I hoped it would help some of my readers understand the (unnecessary) social pressure when unemployed – as if there isn’t enough stress already for the person !
    It was especially important for me to explain it as the pressure in the Arab world is even more important than what we face in Europe – and there is less support from the welfare state here than back home.
    I hope your readers will appreciate the read !

    • Michael Carty
      Michael Carty 30 September 2013 at 2:49 pm #

      Hi Sandrine

      I’m only too happy to have included your post in this month’s round-up of the best from the world of #hrblogs!

      It’s a great post, presenting a uniquely personal story and raising very important questions on changing perceptions of unemployment around the world.

      Please do keep up the superb blogging!


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